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100% bespoke at off the shelf prices, and less!!

Yorkshire Bespoke Kitchens is a small bespoke kitchen design, manufacture and installation arm of a well respected bespoke furniture manufacturer with 15 years experience of bespoke furniture manufacture.

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You wouldn't buy a suit because it sort of fits, or because it sort of matches....would you?

At Yorkshire Bespoke Kitchens we hear far too many times that people have either bought a kitchen which they were not really happy with or that they have paid a fortune for what we see as very basic.

If your room suits cabinets that are 537mm wide then we will build cabinets that are 537mm wide, not 500mm and slot in a wine rack to make it all fit. If you are having a lovely rich blue door for example, why would you want to see a white cupboard carcass between the doors, surely it should be blue.

As we are a small manufacturer we buy in and machine all materials on a job for job basis so it doesn't matter to us what size or colour it is, we simply make what is right. I bet this costs a fortune I hear you say, well you will be suprised, in most instances you get for more for your money that buying from some of the so called cheaper kitchen manufactures or resellers, some of which say you are getting "trade" pricing.

See the price comparison on a kitchen we recently built and installed for a delighted customer who was good enough to show us the pricing they had been given by one of the high street, so called cheap stores. Not only will you see the saving, you will see that there is so much more included and its bespoke.

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Unit F, Enterprise Way, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO16 4SF

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